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The fact that you are on this page means that you had it enough with your website loading slowly.

As you are probably aware, nothing can take away visitors as a slow loading website! Most people have zero patience and won’t think twice to leave your site while waiting for it to load.

Not only you are looking at losing visitors, but a slow loading website can affect your Google rankings, the efficiency of your Facebook ads and Adwords, and ultimately the respect of even your most devoted followers.

Google officials have repeatedly stated that slow loading websites won’t be able to rank high. Our own experience with SEO projects for various clients also leads us to believe that high ranking is impossible for slow loading websites. We are confident to say that nothing else can crash an online business like a slow loading website.

Fortunately, your website can be fixed! We can solve your loading problem in a heartbeat. Our WP Speed Fix Service has fixed thousands of slow loading websites. Our offer is simple, we fix your website loading issues or we give your money back!

Would you like to SPEED UP YOUR WEBSITE?

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What is Page Speed?

Google and Bing are the two top internet searching engines for many years now. What’s common for both search engines is that one of their main goals is to “make the web faster”. That means they make little to no space for web pages that load slowly and always give priority to websites that load fast.

The most common definition for page speed is “a measurement of the time it takes for the web page to load”.

Another definition often used by both professional SEO experts and online marketers is Time To First Byte (TTFB). Strictly technically speaking it is not the same as page load, but it shares a bunch of features. TTFB measures the time it passes between the moment when a user clicks on a link leading to a webpage and the moment when the first byte gets delivered. If the TTFB is under 100 milliseconds your web page loading is great. Anything between 200 and 500 milliseconds is standard, while more than that is not great. If the TTFB is more than a second than you got a serious loading problem on your hands.

Why it's so Important?

The heart and soul of any web page is its content. Once a visitor lands on your website, you need to deliver content and data as fast as possible. Failing to do so will result in many negative effects. One of which is your search engine ranking brought to rubbles. None of the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo like slow loading webpages. As a result, you can expect much fewer visitors from search engines. Being ignored by search engines is one of the worst things for an online business.

But that’s not the worst part! Even if you don’t depend on search engines and the traffic that comes from there, you will still have something to be even more concerned. And that’s user experience. Nowadays, the attention span of the average person is lowered than ever. The days when people waited for their favorite web page to load are over. If they don’t see the page load right away, they will assume that there is something wrong and will move on to someplace else. A slow loading web page is the perfect recipe for poor user experience and losing business.

On the other hand, a fast loading web page gets the full attention and love of search engines, as well as it keeps the users satisfied. Therefore, more traffic from search engines and happy users. 

Our WordPress Speed Optimisation Service

We are a team of web developers that can solve your website’s loading problems. We are specialized in analyzing and improving the speed of all types of websites. Our process ensures that any slow website is transformed into a light speed site.

So far we have served hundreds of websites and helped them serve their content faster, run faster, and get more traffic from search engines.

After we are done with our magic, you will experience improvement in the following areas:

  • More conversions
  • Better SEO Ranking
  • Improved user experience
  • Decreased abandonment
  • Lower hosting costs.
  • Lower bouncer rates
  • Improved retention

Minify CSS/ HTML/JavaScript

This is a process in which we strip out the unneeded elements from the code so that we decrease the size of the file and to enable browsers to render things faster. The process eliminates extra whitespace, code comments, and other things that might hold some value to people, but not for computers. This can bring back up to 30% of lost speed.

Enable compression

This step reduces the size of the files that are sent from the server to the browser. This type of compression can reduce the size of the pages for almost 70%.

Optimize images

Images can take plenty of bandwidth if they are not optimized. They can be very large and can use many of your server’s resources. That can add a lot to the loading time. That is why we got a special plugin to compress the images without losing quality in the process.

Browser Caching Configuration & Tuning

By storing some of the data in the user’s browser the loading time of your website will be much better. If someone is on your website clicking and going through various pages, there is no need to reload assets every time. Browser caching and tuning takes care of that.

Page Caching Configuration & Tuning

Cached pages are delivered as static HTML versions of a certain web page. That helps avoid time-consuming database queries. This method too can significantly cut your web page load time.

Server Compression Tuning

This is like zipping a file before sending it to a friend. Just that this is done quietly in the background and is much faster. Content is compressed, delivered to the user’s browser, unzipped, and displayed.

Minimize redirects / request size

The fewer redirects, the faster you can serve your content. They can prolong the load time like no other thing. We have a way to make all run smoothly and efficiently with as little as possible redirects.

Gathering Information & Finding the Root Cause
Once we gain access to the website, we will go through our checklist to identify what’s causing your website to run so slow. Typically, we require an admin level logon and Cpanel or FTP access.
Fixing The Main Cause of Your Problem
Next, we identify all the issues that are causing your website to run slowly, we start fixing them one by one. In most cases, we can identify all root issues in 24 hours or less.
Optimizations of Speed & Cloudflare CDN Implementation
First, we deal with the reasons why your website is slow. After they are dealt with, we will focus to make it as fast as possible!

The final stage includes completely overhauling your WordPress settings to optimize caching, improve image compression, and make changes to your database so that it works faster. Each of these gains can and will have a huge impact on your load speed.

We strongly recommend Cloudflare for almost all websites. It is one of the best website acceleration services in the world. It also doubles as a content delivery network featuring hundreds of servers located in all parts of the world. What that means for your website is that no matter from where your users come, your website’s load time will be super fast.

Even though this is optional, we strongly recommend it as it is a very efficient and simple way to make sure that your website loads with the speed of light! Plus, there isn’t anything to lose as for most websites the free plan will do the job perfectly.

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