Most of our clients have websites that need 5 or more seconds to load. After they purchase our service we make sure that the load time of their website drops below 2 seconds.

Once you purchase our services and we have access to all the data we need, the entire process will be completed within a three to five days time frame. However, you can expect the root problems to be taken cared of within the first 24 hours.

We always make a backup. That way even things go sideways your website will be up and running almost instantly.

Yes, there are some websites beyond any help. For example, you receive too much traffic yet your hosting plan can’t handle that, the website is running on Windows server, the website is hosted on a local server by your IT guys, the website has VPs issues, and so on. That is why we first analyze each website before we give an estimate and let the client know what’s realistically possible and what not.

Absolutely! So far we have improved the loading time on over a hundred WooCommerce websites.

Yes, but that will be very impractical and time-consuming. Our process includes over a hundred checkups. Making a list with all the steps and recording every detail can take hours of our time. Instead, we explain to our clients what are the main problems and how we plan to deal with them. Of course, we also deliver a report that measures the loading time before our intervention and after.

Yes, that’s possible and we can even help you choose a new, reliable hosting provider with great servers.

We need Cpanel or FTP access, as well as your WordPress administrator level password.

Yes. If you own several websites we can work on each one of them. We even offer a bulk discount for orders featuring multiple websites.